Struggling with gift ideas this Christmas? Or simply have the desire to treat yourself?

Look no further! Beachbox has you covered!archies-footwear

Check out our brand new range of Archies Footwear, now available at Beachbox in Seaford. The best thing about these thongs is that not only do they look like your normal, stylish pair of thongs, but they also incorporate the same amount of support that you would find from an ‘off the shelf’ orthotic! Archies Thongs are super comfortable, with highly specialised foam material which aims to help reduce strain from your feet and lower limbs. However,¬†¬†irrespective of whether or not you have issues with your feet or lower limbs, Archies Arch Support Thongs can be worn by anyone who just wants an unbelievably comfortable and stylish thong.

Visit Archies Footwear for more information at, or come in and visit our team at Beachbox in Seaford, to check out this brand new, amazing stock of thongs.

Once you get used to wearing Archies Thongs you will never want to take them off!

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