Our podiatrist provides:

  • Management of problems such as corns, callous, warts, blisters, nail and skin infections
  • Surgical removal of ingrown toenails under local anaesthesia


Our podiatrist provides:

  • Annual screening of neurological and vascular complications in the diabetic foot including the use of the Doppler ultrasound
  • Regular foot care and management of ulcers


Our podiatrist attends to:

  • Foot and lower limb injury assessment, diagnosis and treatment
  • Common complaints such as bunions, arch, heel, ankle, shin and knee pain can be addressed by the podiatrist


Video assessment of gait may be the key to identifying abnormal forces affecting the joints or soft tissues which may be contributing to lower limb pain or instability. The podiatrist can assess the following conditions:

  • Toddlers walking intoed
  • Children complaining of leg pain
  • Teenagers suffering knee pain
  • Athletes with recurrent lower limb overuse injuries


Our podiatrist does:

  • Casting for prescription rigid, semi-rigid or soft orthotics
  • Fitting of preformed orthotics or soft insoles to provide cushioning or simple offloading
  • A prescription of runners appropriate for your foot type and sporting needs
  • Recommend shoes appropriate for orthotics or for those in need of wider or deeper shoes
  • Referrals for custom made footwear


Our podiatrist provides:

  • Pre Pointe work assessment of the structure and technical functioning of the young dancer’s foot
  • Advice on correct Pointe shoe selection.
  • Treatment of dance related foot and lower limb injuries.


Our podiatrist is able to refer for x-ray, ultrasound scanning and pathology where necessary to assist in the accurate diagnosis of your problem.