You will be required to fill in an acupuncture treatment form on your first visit. Then a number of questions will be asked based on your symptoms, digestion, pain, moods etc and lifestyle. In addition, you may have your pulses and tongue checked to aid in the diagnosis. The information is analysed according to Chinese medicine principles; a diagnosis is made and a treatment is devised. The initial consultation which includes treatment is one hour and a 45 minute review session is booked for the following week.

The style of acupuncture is the ‘Balance Method’, which means the insertion of needles are primarily from the elbow to fingertips and/or knee to toes. The needle gauge ranges from 0.20 to 0.32 and depth of insertion depends on where the acupuncture point is on the body.  Needle sensation is obtained and are manipulated at least once during the treatment. The needles will remain insitu for 15-45 minutes.

Informed consent is part of the process, thus at any point you may ask to terminate the treatment.