Barbara Mitchell


About Barbara

  1. Accredited Practicing Dietitian(APD) Accredited Nutritionist (AN)
  2. 36 years experience, including working in the acute sector, community health and private practice
  3. Loves public speaking, so facilitates groups including cardiac rehab, diabetes and pre-diabetes groups, weight groups etc
  4. Particular interest in diabetes prevention and treatment as well as cardiovascular/heart health.
  5. Extensive knowledge on IBS.
  6. Extensive experience with weight management techniques, PCOS, women’s health issues, vegetarian diets.
  7. Registered with DVA and Medicare.

A Dietitian is a  nutrition professional providing education and information about food and nutrition to the public. Dietitians undergo strict auditing and continual professional development so that they may be able to educate and counsel individuals in diet therapy pertaining to a disease or prevention of same. Only Dietitians can give prescriptive diets. Only Dietitians can call themselves Dietitians.